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 Machinery Tickets!

Machinery Tickets for earth moving equipment

We provide training and assessment in machinery tickets for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Toowoomba areas as well as regional Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Catering for experienced and inexperienced machinery operators, our trainers can visit you onsite or after hours to verify your competency in the operation of plant machine(s) that you already have access to.

The assessment process includes but is not limited to a written assessment and a practical test with log books to demonstrate previous experience. We have trainers & assessors standing by ready to visit you onsite, so there's no need to wait weeks for your machine tickets! Contact us now to arrange to meet with a trainer!

Recognition of Prior Learning is available for experienced plant operators.

  • Machine tickets will only be issued to participants that fulfill the assessment / competency requirements for their particular unit (chosen machine). We cannot guarantee that all participants will be deemed competent and receive a machinery ticket.

Machinery Tickets available:

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